Sunday, July 5, 2015

Single and Rich OR Married and Poor

This is going to be a post on stereotypes, but let's not pretend that we aren't judgmental. We all judged, it is just a matter of whether we leave our minds open to a possibility of a different future. 

Case in point: Female superiors make bad bosses but great employees. 
Case in point 2: Single females superiors make the worst bosses but the best employees.

Well, we all are familiar with the above. 

So let me put another stereotype to you: most financial bloggers are single. and Male. 

For some reason, females just find it more difficult to save money, or to plan financially for what they want. We are more consumed with sales, shopping, luxury bags, make up, dresses. If you watch tv (if you still do), more than half of the advertisements are targeting the female population. How many makeup, slimming, bust enhacements, facial, perfume ads do you see when watching the 9pm TV show? 

But the advertisements targeting male viewers are even more amazing. The products are valued at astronomical prices. Like watches, cars, technology. 

It's easy to save when you are single, but what happens when you are married to someone else who likes to splurge? 

If you are a thrifty guy, that is going to a be a problem. Your other half wants to go to fancy restaurants, romantic wine bars, pretty presents, and you are trying to save? 

But what if she doesn't expect you to pay for the stuff. Its just that she spends almost 90% of her salary on bags, dining and shopping herself? 


food for thought. does love conquer all?

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