Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Dividends

2015 was a rather dismal year for me in terms of the overall value of my shares. Most of my shares went down, and i even had to cut losses on a particular punting stock that was recommended by brokers.

but 2015 was also the start of a new resolution, that to create more dividend yield stock and to keep trading / value investing opportunities to a mere 30% of my portfolio. Its a long journey since i do have a lot of crappy stocks but slowly and surely i need to make my way to the dividend portfolio. Its also imperative to hold onto to cash, although the drawback with holding cash is that one tends to spend it away. I have USD as well, which is good, coz i can't spend it, and USD is appreciating against the SGD. I also started more regular saving plan into blue chips stock and the STI ETF so as to avoid timing the market. However, i think i put in too much (like almost 30% of my salary!!!) and i don't have much cash hoard at the end of it all.

As at end 2015, some of my main thoughts on my numbers are as follows:

1. My cash:equities is 7:9. Seriously need to sell off some useless US stocks that i have to increase my cash funds. This cash also includes my emergency funds i should really increase cash.
2. My main portfolio of shares consist of: STI ETF, keppel corp (which seriously i need to relook to my current decision of putting almost 1k every month into a RSP for keppel corp); ST Eng, SPH. Really need to rebalance my portfolio as well. I also need to consider if i should be purchasing blue chips stock seeing that i am heaving investing into the STI ETFs every month
3. I do shop a lot after all, contrary to the belief that i do not shop as much as the average girl. I spend a whopping S$7,908 on personal shopping (doesn't include the family or for my kids) and that works out to almost $700 a month! I know this was because I bought 3 branded bags this year but i also sold off 2 branded bags ( i love carousell and madam milan) so if i take away the 2.4k i made from selling the bags, i actually spend $460 per month. which is still a lot considering that i always thought i spend less than the average girl. Time to relook into this!!!
4. I achieve $4331 as my dividends (including my regular savings plan) for 2015. This is significantly higher than the $2441 for last year.

So my main aims for next year is: 1) rebalance my portfolio some more 2) avoid spending on clothes and unnecessary items 3) increase my war fund 4) review my stocks more often.

As we move into a bear market, its helpful to pull out this little reminder on how much to invest every month.

With the 52 week high of STI being at 3,500, and my war chest at 50k (with some in USD so i need to decided when to change!), this is the amounts that i will be investing in:

1) when STI hits 3150, i invest 5,000
2) when STI hits 2975, i invest 11,000
3) when STI hits 2800, i invest 15,000
4) when STI hits 2450, i invest 5,200
5) when STI hits 2100, i invest 6,250
5) when STI hits 1750, i invest 6,250

Well, STI hit 2700 today, so technically, i can invest some 15k now. problem is that i haven't yet been sourcing for good stocks.

So next steps: high dividend yield stocks with good cash flow!

Possible stocks to purchase:
1) SIA Eng @3,.20
2) ST Eng @2.70
3) AIMS Capital @1.25
4) First Reit @0.85
5) Parkway Life Reit @ 1,3
6) Singtel @3.2
7) M1 @2,3
8) Soilbuild business space @0.73

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