Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The clash of the telcos

After reading and re-reading the wealth of information out there on telcos, I have condensed this information into the following:

1. for dividends - purchase M1
2. for possible growth outside Singapore - Singtel

Singtel is a mixed bag. They have been splashing cash trying to get into the digital advertising space rather unsuccessfully. Currently, the big boys are the US players and since there are no bounderies in the digital space, its not possible that Singtel has spotted a good deal which hasn't yet attracted these Internet Giants. It doesn't seem likely that Singtel can come up with anything creative either so I am rather wary if Singtel is going to keep splashing cash into acquisition.

Anyway, there are just too much information out there but if i had to pick a telco, then I will go with M1 for dividend play. Amongst the three market players, they seem to have the best cash flow but really, i am not sure how long that will be sustained for.

Enough of this telco research! Had spend a few days amassing just too much information. A wise man would say to leave the information gathering for now and let it crystalise into knowledge. 

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