Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Review on AIMS AMP

 I purchased 2000 shares of this counter as i believe it has good potential to hold long term. Good dividends, good management, good prospect! this one is a keeper (as based on current valuation) for a few years to come!

Summary of REIT

This REIT holds the following types of properties and they are all based in Singapore (save for the Optus Centre in Australia):

1. Warehousing & Logistics
2. Manufacturing
3. Business Park / Hi Tech

There is a need for more commercial space in Singapore. The general trend is online shopping and every vendor will need warehouse space. Manufacturing remains one of the pillars of the Singapore economy. Of course, this is a space that is heavily watched by the government, and they will move to build more space if and when the economy requires.

The dividend yield is high at 7.3%. Comparing with other REITS, the leverage at 31.7% is still manageable. NAV is higher than current share price, which is good news since you don't want to overpay for an asset.

As i try moving towards a high dividend play, hope i don't make any wrong choices! 

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