Monday, June 29, 2015

Keppel Corp Review

I am invested in Keppel Corp and just managed to sit down and read through their 2014 financial report. Slow? Yes, but better late than never. We all know the macro trends affecting Keppel Corp, oil prices are down. but is it a good time to buy Keppel Corp?

Keppel Corp statistics:
1. Revenue: 13.3 B increased by 7% 
2. Net Profit: 1.8 M increased by 2% 
3. EPS: 1.04 increased 2%
4. NAV = 5.73 increased 7%

KepCorp derives income from three main groups:
1. O&M 8.5B revenue (60%)
2. Infrastructure  3 B revenue (20%)  
3. Property 2 B revenue  (10%)

Good spread of international markets:
1. singapore
2. NA
3. Europe
4. SA

Within the three main groups, O&M and Property is heading into some difficult times. Although Infrastructure is on good ground and I am confident of its prospect, it only contributes to 20% of Keppel Corp's revenue. (note to self: perhaps i should be investing in Keppel Infrastructure Trust or Keppel T&T directly or Keppel DC Reit).

- to continue regular investment into Keppel Corp via PSB since i am not confident if this is the lowest point for Keppel Corp
- to consider purchasing Keppel DC reit or Keppel T&T directly as industry has potential

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