Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good bye Mr CMA - tongue in cheek post!

Good bye CMA

Parting is such sweet sorrow! I first got to know Mr CMA in 2010 when he first set foot in the public domain. I bought into his sweet lies and we cemented our relationship when i purchased two lots of Mr CMA immediately once the price fell after IPO. He sounded like he had lots of potential - came from a good background, headed into the Chinese market, dealing with brick and mortar, and he had very strong credentials to boot. What's there not to love?

Two years into our relationship, things started feeling wrong. Dividends were never substantial. Prices started tumbling. He came from a good background but he never seemed to have enough money. But i thought - this rough patch would be over. Mr CMA was still building his career - he already owned more and more and more malls in Singapore and China. It would just be a matter of time before my wait pays off. I will dance into the sunset and this will be my happily ever after. I parted with my money and invested some more into Mr CMA. 

Time is never a girls' best friend. Fast forward to today, and my heart is a tad bitter. He dangled just enough gifts in the form of dividends to keep me waiting out for more. These gifts were never enough to please, less than enough to satisfy my waning heart. And as every girl know, a man's heart is easily captivated by the next pretty thing. So this pretty thing made me an offer price to get me off Mr CMA's back. I hesitated. She offered yet again - final offer. $2.35. 

What's a girl got to do? It is still an upside and a compensation for my youth. I'll take it and wait for the next guy to come along. Hopefully, the next one gives more and take less. 

Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow! 

(I've accepted the offer by Capitaland. Have you?)

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  1. Ooh... Capitamall Asia. Nice reading your posts on some past investment reviews.
    Would you consider displaying Labels at your blog's column?